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Xanthus Equine Rescue
225 Summit Dr.
Denville. NJ 07005

Xanthus' Mission

We are dedicated to providing an environment where friendship and unconditional love can heal the souls of horses as well as people. A sense of purpose and absolution will give equines and people positivity in their lives, and will teach understanding to all involved.

Aurorapedia was found through a friend. After Danno passed away, hopes of operating a rescue seemed dim due to the loss of Xanthus' first love, Danno.
Aurora came to us three weeks after Danno had passed. Aurora was to be purchased by an Amish family to drive through the harsh streets and live a life of work.
Aurora is now broke to ride, and is our primary lesson horse. She loves to learn and loves to teach!
Book Him Danno was Xanthus' first rescue, he sadly passed away after three months at Xanthus due to the horrific condition that he was in prior. Danno had the best few months of his life here and will be forever loved.
Batman was a Camelot Rescue, but he started off at New Holland. He was destined for slaughter due to the fact that we had to outbid a Kill Buyer to purchase him.
Beau is not a rescue, but he is our resident teacher to all of our volunteers.
Beau has been with Christy for over 11 years, and he shows what Xanthus is capable of. Beau came to Christy as a 12 year old off the track thoroughbred with barely any training. He knew how to walk, trot, and canter, but nothing was smooth.
He came a long way and took his B Rating in Pony Club; he also competed at USPC championships in Dressage three years in a row and was national champion in 2005. Beau now teaches kids how to properly groom, lead, and lightly ride, due to his lovely age of 24.